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Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) is a membership organisation run by and for disabled people. 

We have over 4500 members across Greater Glasgow - and counting!

Our free, accessible learning and events 

- bring people together 

- build confidence and connections

- unlock opportunities to participate, contribute and use your voice!

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Social Care: Glasgow Deserves Better

Are Glasgow's aspirations for disabled people so low that we are willing to abandon rights and regress to institutionalisation? We need a better solution - we need honesty, dialogue, and we need to invest in Social Care!

Supporting Each Other

We are recruiting!

There are four new posts being recruited

Rad Social3

Paid training programme opportunity!

The ‘Rad’ training programme gives you the opportunity to work for an independent production company and train while you work

Ydp Summit

Young Disabled People's Summit 2018!

"Empowerment for Inclusion and Equality": Young Disabled People's Summit